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How do I start my water/sewer services?

You will need to fill out a service request form and have a valid CA Drivers License or provide your Social Security Number. If you are a new home owner we will need a copy of the Grant Deed to your new home. If you are a tenant we will need your rental agreement, and … Continued

How do I register to vote?

You can register online through the State of California webpage here. Or contact the Tehama County Elections Department for more information.

How do I register to vote-by-mail?

You can fill out an “Application for Permanent Vote-by-Mail Status” and return to the County of Tehama Elections Department. You can also pick up a register by mail form at City Hall.

When is street sweeping on my block?

Commercial street sweeping is done every Tuesday of each month. Residential street sweeping is done every other Thursday of each month. If you have a specific question about street sweeping on your block please call Tiffany at (530) 824-7029.

How can my group get a tour of the police department?

Contact Neasha Battiato to schedule a time and date for your school or community group.  We love visitors!  You’ll get to see the dispatch center, the inside of a patrol car, and maybe a glimpse into the super secret Evidence Room!

How do I get my child’s car seat checked?

The department no longer offers this service, but you can contact: Tehama County Public Health Department 530-527-6824 California Highway Patrol 530-527-2034 Tehama County Social Services 530-527-1911 Red Bluff AAA 530-529-9014 Red Bluff Police Department 530-527-3131

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