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Friday Notes September 15, 2023

INTERIM CITY MANAGER: Code Enforcement at 800 West Street: Enforced cleanup of blighted property at 800 West Street is now complete.  The property has returned to compliance due to the owner’s efforts. Unfortunately, while attending to the code enforcement at 800 West Street our attention was called to the parcel at 1618 Marin Street where … Continued

Friday Notes for September 8, 2023

  VACATIONS: Accounting Manager:  Will be on leave Friday & Monday, September 9th – September 11, 2023.   INTERIM CITY MANAGER: Code Enforcement: Progress has been noted at 800 West Street.  Noticed clean up, and Owner has agreed to finish tasks no later than September 15th.  In addition, a new property at 185 Solano Street … Continued

Friday Notes for August 4, 2023

VACATIONS/LEAVE: Robin Kampmann, Public Works/City Engineer Consultant will be on vacation August 16th – August 22nd.   Steve Lindeman, Public Works Assistant Director will be on vacation August 9th – August 14th.   Lisa Linnet, Administrative Services Manager/City Clerk will be out of the office August 7th – August 11th.   INTERIM CITY MANAGER: Requests … Continued

Friday Notes for July 28, 2023

INTERIM CITY MANAGER: Vacation: I will be out of the office on Thursday and Friday, July 27th & 28th for a pre-planned vacation.  I will have my cell phone with me however I am not certain that I will always have cell reception.  I have designated Administrative Services Manager/City Clerk Lisa Linnet as acting City … Continued

Friday Notes For July 20, 2023

INTERIM CITY MANAGER: Corning Rotary Meeting Attendance: I attended the Corning Rotary Club weekly lunch meeting at Rolling Hills Casino.  Unwittingly I became the guest speaker and discussed the following: Recreation Center Project; The extension of City Water and Sewer Services to the west side of Interstate 5 at Corning Road via a Developer Reimbursement … Continued

Friday Notes for July 14, 2023

TO:        MAYOR AND COUNCIL FROM:  TIM POTANOVIC, INTERIM CITY MANAGER DATE:   JULY 14, 2023     INTERIM CITY MANAGER: Prop. 47 Cohort-2 Efficacy Observation Report: I will be reviewing and completing the second quarter Proposition 47 Cohort Efficacy Observation Report and preparing for the Program Closeout as Tehama County Department of Education will assume the … Continued

Friday Notes for June 30, 2023

  INTERIM CITY MANAGER: Patrol With Police Chief : I was invited on routine patrol to ride with Chief Fears on Wednesday afternoon. I observed several homeless encampments that were discussed at prior City Council Meetings. Thank you, Chief Fears! City Manager Recruitment Update: City Hall was visited by a representative of Peckham and McKenney, … Continued

Friday Notes for June 23, 2023

TO: MAYOR AND COUNCIL FROM: TIM POTANOVIC, INTERIM CITY MANAGER DATE: JUNE 23, 2023 ________________________________________ CITY MANAGER: Interim City Manager Report: It has been almost two weeks on the job, and I appreciate the kind welcome! I was able to shadow Kristina Miller for several days and visited the Fire Hall, Police Department and attended … Continued

Friday Notes for June 9, 2023

VACATIONS/LEAVE: May 11th – June 11h: Planner/Recreation Coordinator Chrissy Meeds. CITY MANAGER: FY 2023/2024 Budget: Staff is finalizing the proposed budget for FY 2023/2024, which will be presented for adoption on June 13th. City Manager Recruitment The City Council will consider an agreement with Peckham and McKenney for City Manager recruitment services on June 8th. … Continued

Friday Notes for May 19, 2023

VACATIONS/LEAVE: May 11th – June 11h: Planner/Recreation Coordinator Chrissy Meeds. May 17th – May 22nd: Administrative Service Manager/City Clerk Lisa Linnet. CITY MANAGER: FY 2023/2024 Budget The FY 2023/2024 Budget is being finalized. We are reviewing the level of staffing and infrastructure improvement that can be accommodated within the General Fund as part of the … Continued

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