Start Your Business

The City of Corning welcomes your business and your entrepreneurial spirit. Below are some resources to help make opening your business as easy as possible.

These steps will vary according to the type of business you intent to start, but serve as a guide to help you in the process.

Start Your Business Flow Chart - click here!


Step 1 - Create a Business Plan:

Help yourself in the long run by creating a plan for what will define your business and highlight your goals.

Step 2 - Naming your Business:

Evaluate what name will prove to be most effective for you and consider all options carefully.

Step 3 - Register your Business:

Choose the type of structure that is best suited for your business, and file the appropriate forms.  For any specific questions about which structure will suit you best, please consult a qualified tax consultant or an attorney.

Step 4 - Taxes:

If you are going to start a business, you will need to know what types of business taxes may apply to you.  Consult with a tax professional before you get started and refer to the IRS webpage as well.

Step 5 - Location, location, location!

Be sure you take your time to do your research here.  Your business location is one of the most important business decisions you will make. Look but also do your research.  City or County archives is always a great start!

Step 6 - Permits and Business Licensing:

At this stage, it is time to obtain all necessary permits and licenses required to do your specific business.  Check with the City's Planning Department, Building Department, and Finance Department for further information.  As well as other outside agencies, patents, trademarks, compliance standards, certifications, etc.

Step 7 - Hiring Employees (if necessary):

Those embarking in the small business world, should consult professionals regarding employer laws, regulations, ongoing requirements, wages, hours, working conditions, amongst many other items involving the workplace.

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