There are currently 9 City-owned and maintained parks. Our parks offer play structures for all ages, facilities for picnicking, walking trails, basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, horseshoes, skateboarding, and even stationary fitness stations! The opportunities for activities are endless!

Park reservations for small events are based on first come first serve. If this will be a large event you will need an event permit.

Corning Community Park & Skate Park

1485 Toomes Ave.skate park sign


Flournoy Memorial Park FLOURNOY

1015 Fourth Avenue

Woodson Park Woodson

1051 Peach Street

Northside Park Northside

1414 Colusa Street


Children's Park Edith

225 Edith Avenue

Yost ParkĀ  Yost

988 Tehama Street

Estil C Clark Park Clark Park

103 Fig Lane

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