Special Library Commission Meeting April 10, 2024

Apr 10 2024

3:00 pm Corning City Hall

794 Third St, Corning 96021

REGULAR AGENDA: All items listed below are in the order which we believe are of most interest to the public at this meeting.  However, if anyone in the audience wishes to have the order of the agenda changed, please come to the podium, and explain the reason you are asking for the order of the agenda to be changed.


  1. Waive the Reading and Approve the Minutes of the February 14, 2024 Special Meeting with any necessary corrections.


  1. Report on Ridell Trust Funds and Expenditures:

          Current balance:  $220,630.14                     Expenditures:  $4,440 (FY to date)


  1. Discussion and possible direction for final plans for the Corning Library Remodel.
April 1, 2024
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