Friday September 23, 2022

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DATE: September 23, 2022

Public Works Secretary Recruitment:
The City is recruiting for a Public Works Secretary. Applications are due by September 23rd at 5:00 PM. Applications can be found at:

Building Official Recruitment:
The Building Official, Dan Redding, has provided notice of his intention to retire October 14, 2022.

Awning Grant Program:
The Awning Grant Program application is live on the City website. Applications will begin to be accepted on October 1st. The application is available in Spanish and English. We have received numerous calls from interested businesses.

Northern California Cities’ Self Insurance Fund Executive and Claims Committee:
I attended the meeting whereby the Executive Committee made a recommendation to continue with the issuance of a Requests for Proposals (RFP) for Workers’ Compensation and Liability Third Party Administration Services.

Upcoming Public Works Staff Vacations:
• Public Works/City Engineer Consultant, Robin Kampmann, will be at a conference the week of September 25th thru October 1st.

Solano Street Improvement Project:
The Solano Street Improvement Project has started again at the 5th Street and 6th Street intersections. The Project has been slightly delayed due to the rain. Solano Street will remain closed to thru traffic between 3rd Street and West Street until October 7th. Local business on Solano Street and the adjacent cross streets are open for business. Please be considerate of the limited parking spaces in the area and leave those spaces for the downtown business customers if possible.

Solano Street Decorative Street Lights:
Staff has looked into the feasibility of getting irrigation water to the proposed decorative street light locations for the potential of future hanging planters. Since the proposed lights are surface mounted and do not required excavation at this time staff has determined that the irrigation can be tied into the existing irrigation at the tree wells and extended without causing damage to the existing concrete.

Pickleball Courts:
The nets, including the poles at the Pickleball courts are being removed by citizens that are wanting to use the court area for “indoor” type soccer in the evenings under the lights. Unfortunately, the gears to tighten the nets have been broken in the process resulting in Staff not being able to fully tighten the nets and obtain legal net heights. Please be patient as Staff tries to located replacement parts to make the repairs.

Water Leaks:
• City Staff is continuing to repair multiple water leaks throughout the City as they are discovered.
• A water main break was discovered late at night at the intersection of Marguerite Avenue/Fig Lane on Thursday September 15th. City Staff responded immediately and worked through the night to make the repair to the cracked main line.

Vandalism of City Properties:
• The Concession Stand at Clark Park was vandalized this week with graffiti. Staff will need to sandblast the walls to remove the graffiti.

Public Works Hydrovac Excavator Trailer:
Staff was able to locate a new Hydrovac Excavator Trailer as approved in the FY22/23 Budget under a Sourcewell Contract. The new Hydrovac Excavator was delivered this week and will be put to good use by our Public Works Staff to safely excavate around the existing utilities while making water line repairs.

September 20th Planning Commission Meeting:
At the September 20th Planning Commission meeting the Commission approved the following:

• A Conditional Use Permit for Adriana Valdovinos to open Pinchi’s Taco’s Food Truck to be located in the Liquor Warehouse Parking Lot;

• A recommendation to the City Council to adopt Ordinance 702 associated with a new State Law which allows for Urban Lot Splits and Two -Unit Development;

• A recommendation to City Council to adopt Ordinance 703 which will allow for broader commercial uses within the Highway 99W Specific Plan area.

Ordinances 702 and 703 will be presented to the City Council at the October 11th meeting.

Municipal Services Review:
Staff will be meeting with Mark Teague of Placeworks to go over the final details on the MSR. Staff will be researching the possibility of residential design guidelines.

Youth Basketball:
Staff is meeting with Noah Zoppi on Friday to tour the Woodson School Gymnasium for our upcoming Youth Basketball League.

October 4th Tuesday Night Market:
Staff is working on our last Tuesday Night Market scheduled for Tuesday October 4th. Due to road construction, Staff is preparing to shift the Event towards Third Street. This Event will be bringing back a historical event, the “Corning does it bedder, Bed Races”. The race will take place along Third Street from Solano Street to Marin Street. Staff will have all details in next week’s Friday Notes.

In addition to responding to 121 calls for service, a total of 17 officer reports were taken and there were 55officer-initiated incidents, including 18 traffic stops. Officers made 2 misdemeanor and 2 felony arrests. Officers issued 6 citations, of which; 3 infractions during the period of September 15, 2022, through September 21, 2022.

Corning Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) Call Volume:
The Corning Volunteer Fire Department responded to 18 calls for service last week, they consisted of: 14 medicals, 2 fires, 1 traffic collision, and 1 public service.

The Glenn County Volunteer Fire Departments Call Volumes:
The Orland, Capay, Artois, Bayliss, Glenn Codora, Ord Bend and Butte City Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to 16 calls for service last week, they consisted of: 3 medicals, 3 traffic collisions, 5 fires, and 5 hazardous conditions.

Chiefs Messages:
• The Burn Ban is still in effect in the City.
• Please clean your chimneys and flues now before you need them.

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