Friday Notes December 17, 2021

Posted on December 17, 2021



DATE:   December 17, 2021

• December 24th & 27th (Friday and Monday) Christmas
• January 3rd New Year’s Holiday

Our first Christmas Dance Recital will be held on Wednesday December 22 at 5:00 PM at Rogers Theater.
I am building the Winter Recreation Class schedule. I am also putting together some Summer Camp programs with funding potentially supported by the Corning Elementary School District.
We are currently working on a couple ordinances for new land use laws that will take effect after the first of the year.


COVID-19 Water Arrearages Grant
It looks promising that our Water Arrearages Grant application will be accepted. This will reimburse the City for bad water debt for a portion of the pandemic. As it only covers a portion of the period of the pandemic, it will not resolve all City bad water and sewer debt. I expect a grant to be offered in February 2022 that will allow the City to be reimbursed for its sewer debt for the same time period.
At the December 14th City Council meeting the City Council authorized the placement of liens for bad water/sewer debt that is greater than 90 days and over $200. If the City receives funding from the aforementioned grants, the City will remove the liens.

The new California Department of Public Health requirement is for universal masking indoors statewide December 15, 2021 January 15, 2021 regardless of vaccination status. I was told this was to get us through the holiday season without inundating hospitals, as a result of the omicron variant. As the CalOSHA temporary standards requires employers to follow orders issued by CDPH, this is a Cal OSHA requirement. Please see: for more information and exceptions.


Leaf Pick Up:
Leaf pickup will continue as time allows. Leaf piles must not have branches, brush or other debris or they will not be removed. Please make sure leaves are not blocking gutters preventing water flow.

Christmas Tree Disposal:
A wood waste bin will be available in front of the City Corporation Yard located at 1106 Butte Street for free disposal of live Christmas Trees only. Please remove all decorations. This service will be available starting next week and will continue through mid-January.

Wet Weather:
Another large storm is anticipated for this upcoming week with high winds and significant rainfall and the potential for isolated flooding. Please slow down and use caution during these wet conditions.


Patrol: In addition to responding to 150 calls for service, a total of 28 officer reports were taken and there were 57 officer-initiated incidents, including 14 traffic stops. Officers made 7 misdemeanor and 1 felony arrests. Officers issued 10 citations, of which; 4 were misdemeanors, 1 was an infraction and 5 were parking during the period of December 8, 2021, through December 15, 2021.

Training: Officers continue to participate in POST Portal training and Lexipol Daily Training Bulletins.
Other POST on-line training continues for Patrol and Dispatch personnel.

“Mindset is everything.”

The Corning Volunteer Fire Department responded to 25 calls for service last week, they were: 21 medicals, 1 fire, 2 traffic collisions and 1 public service.

The Orland, Capay, Artois, Bayliss, Glenn Codora, Ord bend and Butte City Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to 22 calls for service last week, they were: 12 medicals, 7 fires, 2 traffic collisions and 1 public service.

Have a fantastic Christmas!!!!!!

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