Friday January 6, 2023

Posted on January 5, 2023

• January 5th- 9th Administrative Services Manager/City Clerk Lisa Linnet.


Mid-Year Budget Review:
I am in the process of completing the mid-year budget review and hope to present the findings at the first City Council Meeting in February.

Proposition 68 Recreation Center and City Plaza:
Staff interviewed the two applicants for architectural design services. Construction costs have increased significantly since the time of grant submittal. Staff will be discussing options with the selected Consultant and the State to minimize costs while still meeting the goals of the Grant.

Bargaining Unit Negotiations:
Bargaining Unit negotiations will resume with the Public Safety and Management Bargaining Units on January 13th

Sacramento Valley Division City Manager’s Meeting:
I will be attending the Sac Valley Division City Manager’s Meeting in Roseville on January 12th. As President of the City Manager’s Division, I will also attend the Sacramento Valley Division City Council Members meeting on January 9th.


Loss in Water Pressure/Boil Water Notice:
The City SCADA system went down temporarily on Wednesday morning causing a portion of the City to lose water pressure. A boil water notice was put into effect for those residents affected by the loss in pressure. All effected residents were notified of the order via a notice posted to their front doors. The boil water notice is a precaution and will be in effect until we received lab results confirming our water is safe to drink.

Upcoming Wet Weather:
With the upcoming wet weather sandbags are available at the Corning Volunteer Fire Department located at 814 Fifth St. Get your bags at the Fire Department and the sand is across the street to fill the bags with. Please drive with caution as we do have areas within the City that experience isolated flooding.

Christmas Tree Disposal:
A wood waste bin will be available in front of the City Corporation Yard located at 1106 Butte Street for free disposal of live Christmas Trees only. Please remove all decorations. This service will be available through mid-January.

Building Demolition – City Plaza & Recreation Center:
City Staff met with CVE Contracting Group, Inc. We are currently waiting for PG&E to complete the electric and gas service disconnections, but it is anticipated that the building demolition will start mid to late January with a 2-week construction time.


Corning Youth Basketball:
Corning Youth Basketball will begin January 21st, we are all very excited and looking forward to the season.

Recreation Winter Session:
Corning Recreation Winter Session begins on Monday, you still have time to register if you haven’t yet.


Queen Olive Galleria Project:
Staff received the Administrative Draft Review CEQA document of the Queen Olive Galleria Project and will be reviewing that document.


In addition to responding to 115 calls for service, a total of 16 officer reports were taken and there were 64 officer-initiated incidents, including 14 traffic stops. Officers made 8 misdemeanor arrests and 2 felony arrests. Officers issued 14 citations, of which; 10 were misdemeanors, 2 were infractions, and 2 were parking during the period of December 29, 2022, through January 04, 2023.

Officers continue to participate in POST Portal Training and Lexipol Daily Training Bulletins. OtherPOST online training continues for Patrol and Dispatch personnel. Police Trainee, Rey Valencia started Butte College Police Academy on January 3, 2023.

“Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it.”-AW


Corning Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) Call Volume:
The Corning Volunteer Fire Department responded to 17 calls for service last week, they consisted of: 12 medicals, 1 traffic collision, 2 investigations, 1 hazardous condition, and 1 public

The Glenn County Volunteer Fire Departments Call Volumes:
The Orland, Capay, Artois, Bayliss, Glenn Codora, Ord Bend and Butte City Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to 19 calls for service last week, they consisted of: 14 medicals, 1 fire, 2 traffic collisions, 1 investigation, and 1 hazardous condition.

Chief’s Messages:
• Happy New Year! This is a good time to check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide
detectors for proper function.
• Sandbags, sand, and shovels are available at the City Fire Department.

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