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Frequently asked questions

As of July 1, 2012 California State law requires the following businesses to arrange for recycling services:

  • Any business that generates 4 cubic yards of waste per week; or

  • Any multi-family establishment of 5 or more units

Businesses and Multi-Family communities that meet the threshold must recycle at the place of work or jobsite. The following are recycling options to comply with the mandate:

  1. Subscribe to the recycling collection service of Green Waste of Tehama (530) 528-8500 if located in the unincorporated County or the City of Red Bluff or subscribe with Waste Management (530) 824-4700 if located in the City of Corning. Recycling service provided by either Green Waste of Tehama or Waste Management features single-stream recycling. Simply place all of your recyclables (cans, bottles, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.) in the recycling dumpster. There is no need to further segregate the recyclables by material type.

  2. Donate recyclable materials to a recycling company. Contact North Valley Services at (530) 527-0407 Ext. 104 for free paper recycling or donate to another recycling company.

  3. Self-haul recyclable material to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) at the Tehama County/Red Bluff Landfill for free, as long as all items are recyclable and segregated from trash.

  4. Self-haul recyclables to a local recycling center (e.g. Big Foot Recycling, Rob’s Recycling, etc.)

Please note, in many instances you can reduce your garbage service and the associated bill by implementing recycling.

Please contact the Agency to assist with recycling services, including but not limited to, FREE deskside recycling bins, while supplies last.

Note: California State law requires apartment owners to offer recycling services at resident(s) request. Apartment owners may require tenants to recycle.

View the Mandatory Commercial Recycling notification letter sent to businesses in the City of Red Bluff and unincorporated Tehama County and the Mandatory Commercial Recycling notification letter sent to businesses in the City of Corning.

Further compliance information is also available by calling the Agency at (530) 528-1103.

Receive FREE recognition in local newspapers, Chamber of Commerce websites, and the Agency website for being a business that reduces waste and recycles. Join the Smart Business Alliance (SBA) today!

The organizations listed below can take donations of edible food. Please contact the organization first to ensure they are able to take your donation(s). Entities mandated by the State of California to donate edible food must have a contract in place with an organization prior to donating food to that organization.

Corning Senior Center

Corning Christian Assistance

1015 4th Ave., Corning, CA 96021

Karen Burnett – (530) 824-4727

Collection Service Area: Tehama County

Types of Food Accepted: Bread/Bakery, Deli, Dairy, Meat, Produce, Dry Goods (Canned, Packaged Shelf Stable)

Contact the Fire Hall at 530-824-7044.

For any large special event you will need to apply for a Special Event Permit.

Click on the link to download the application.

For information on what is or is not recyclable, take a look at this flyer from Waste Management.

Samples of the city water are taken every Wednesday for bacteria inspection.

Well conditions and chlorine tests are done daily.


The City of Corning uses a third-party website,, for Capital Improvement Project bid documents.
Capital Improvement Site

Contact the Fire Hall (530) 824-7044

You will need to contact Waste Management to set up service.

Service Representative at (530) 824-4690
Customer Service at 866-964-2729
Email at

Contact Christina Meeds at (530) 824-7036 or my email at

You will need to fill out a service request form and have a valid CA Drivers License or provide your Social Security Number.

If you are a new home owner we will need a copy of the Grant Deed to your new home.

If you are a tenant we will need your rental agreement, and a $50 deposit.


There are different secure drop off locations located throughout the County.

Click here to find the locations.

You can register online through the State of California webpage here.

Or contact the Tehama County Elections Department for more information.

You can fill out an “Application for Permanent Vote-by-Mail Status” and return to the County of Tehama Elections Department.

You can also pick up a register by mail form at City Hall.

Commercial street sweeping is done every Tuesday of each month.

Residential street sweeping is done every other Thursday of each month.

If you have a specific question about street sweeping on your block please call Tiffany at (530) 824-7029.

Contact Jennifer Smith to schedule a time and date for your school or community group.  We love visitors!  You’ll get to see the dispatch center, the inside of a patrol car, and maybe a glimpse into the super secret Evidence Room!

The department no longer offers this service, but you can contact:

Tehama County Public Health Department 530-527-6824
California Highway Patrol 530-527-2034

Tehama County Social Services 530-527-1911

Red Bluff AAA 530-529-9014

Red Bluff Police Department 530-527-3131

Please visit the Waste Management website to view the collection calendar

Waste Management

You can find election information for Tehama County here.

You can find your polling precinct on your voting pamphlet.  The polling precincts are also advertised in the local newspaper.

Please refer to the Tehama County Elections webpage for further info on polling places and/or precincts.

You can get a building permit in the office or online.

Online Building Permit

You can leave a request for inspection at 530-824-7027. Requests received after 7 AM will be performed no later than the next business day.


Pet licensing for the City of Corning is done through Tehama County.

Tehama County Animal Services

Small events are based on first come first serve. If this will be a large event you will need an event permit.

Teddy Pohler Memorial Pool is located at The Northside Park at 1414 Colusa Street

For information on the pool schedule, please click on the link below.

City Pool

Please call 530-824-7000 to file a police report.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help or have a question.

If you have an emergency, call 911, and be prepared to provide:

  • Your location
  • The nature of the emergency
  • A description of people and vehicles involved

Remember to speak slowly and clearly and answer all questions as accurately and directly as possible.

You can always call 530-824-7000 if you have a non-emergency matter.  You may remain anonymous, but the more information you provide, the better.

We need to know:

  • Your location
  • What is happening
  • Your name
  • Descriptions of people and vehicles involved


Remember to:

  • Speak slowly and calmly if possible
  • Answer the dispatcher’s questions as clearly as you can
  • Please don’t be offended if we have to put you on hold… there is usually only one dispatcher on duty, and she may be solving several problems at once.

State laws and departmental policies determine who is able to get a copy of a police report.  To submit a request, first download a copy of this form and submit it.  We will respond within 10 days.

To start a business in the City of Corning you will need to fill out a business license application. All businesses engaging in transactions within Corning’s city limits are required to have a current business license.
If your business will operate out of a building within the city limits you will need a certificate of occupancy form filled out along with a business license application. Additionally, you will need to contact the Building and Fire department to schedule an inspection.
You will need to submit a home occupation form along with a business license application if your business is based out of your home and your home resides within the city limits.

Please click on the link below to view all business forms required.

All businesses engaging in transactions within Corning’s city limits are required to have a current business license.

Property taxes are paid to Tehama County.

Tehama County Tax Collector

In person at the Finance Department: 1108 Solano St

  • Cash, Check, or Money order
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Payment drop box is available for after hours (Check or Money Order Only!)
  • You can mail your payment to the address provided on the remittance stub. The address is 794 Third St. Corning, CA 96021
  • You can pay online at

If you are paying online and do not have your bill, you can call (530) 824-7020, 8:00AM to 5:00PM Monday-Friday, to find out your account number and amount due.

Pay Online Now

You can report an issue online in the report an issue tab.

You can also contact Christina Meeds at (530) 824-7036 or  by email at

In person at the Finance Department: 1108 Solano St

  • Check or Money order NO CASH
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Payment drop box is available for after hours
  • You can pay online at
  • You can mail your payment to the address provided on the remittance stub. The address is 794 Third St. Corning, CA 96021

Please include the parking ticket with your payment. If you are paying online include the parking ticket number found on the top right corner.

If you have a dispute regarding your citation or lost your citation, please contact the Police Department to obtain further information. (530) 824-7000

For an up to date rate please follow the link to the California City Tax Rates website.

On this page you will find a list of positions for which the city is currently accepting applications.

The City of Corning is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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