Friday Notes June 17, 2022

Posted on June 17, 2022



DATE:   June 17, 2022



FY 2022/2023 Budget:

I presented the FY 2022/2023 budget providing an option to hire additional personnel as follows:

  • Full-Time Maintenance Worker/Meter Reader
  • Police Officer
  • Police Officer promoted to Sergeant
  • Contracted Grant Administrator

Should this budget be approved the General Fund Reserves will decrease by $326,378 at fiscal year end June 30, 2023. The decrease in reserves is primarily due to one-time projects such as the fix of Solano Street, the set aside of funds for the replacement of the City’s finance software, roof replacement at the Transportation Center, and playground replacement at Northside Park, etc.



Dates for City Nominations for Offices in the November 8th Elections:
The regular biennial election of City of Corning Mayor and Council Members (2) will take place on November 8, 2022. Filing dates for these offices will open on July 18, 2022 and close on August 12, 2022. If any incumbent fails to file during the nomination period, there will be a five-day extension through 5:00 p.m. on August 17, 2022 for anyone other than the incumbent officer. As stated, the City Mayor (currently Robert Snow), and two members of the City Council (Dave Demo and Karen Burnett) positions are up for election this year. The Mayor is a 2-year term; and the City Council term is 4-years.



Caltrans Project – Champlin Slough:

SR 99 south of Los Molinos at the Champlin Slough Bridge continues to be fully closed to through traffic. The detour for this project will be South Avenue.  Please anticipate an increase of traffic in this area and plan accordingly if you travel in the Los Molinos area.

Solano Street Repair Project:

The Solano Street Repair Project is tentatively scheduled to start construction on July 5th. As we get closer to the start date additional information will be posted regarding traffic delays and/or anticipated closures.

Northside Park Tennis Courts:

The resurfacing of the Northside Park tennis courts, including the installation of 4 new pickleball courts in the place of the eastern tennis court, started this week. To expedite the project the Contractor will be working Saturday June 18th and Saturday June 25th. The project is scheduled to be completed by June 30th.

Water Usage Outside City Limits:

In May, we have provided 11,650 gallons of water to County residents that have dry wells. This amount has slightly increased from April. Currently the City has 33 County residents that are located within 5 miles of City Hall that are approved to purchase City Water. We have not had any new residents sign up since October. Of these 33 County residents, 7 purchased water in May, consistent with previous months. The average customer is purchasing 1,664 gallons of water per month.




June 21st Planning Commission Meeting:
The June Planning Commission Meeting will be held at 6:30pm. on Tuesday the 21st. At this meeting Staff will be asking the Planning Commission to recommend a 2-year map (Tentative Map) extension for Jason Abel’s Magnolia Meadows Project. Currently he is waiting on PG&E to finish their portion of the work which is tentatively scheduled for late July.
Food Vendors:
Staff has received multiple complaints regarding non-compliant food vendors popping up in residential neighborhoods and on Solano Street. Staff has forwarded this information to the Tehama County Environmental Health Department, and they will be taking care of the problem.


New Playground Equipment at Clark Park:
The new playground equipment at Clark Park has been installed and the new painted playground is in progress. We only had about 5 volunteers show up on Saturday to paint. There is a lot of painting required and we could not finish before the heat started to impact us. Chrissy Meeds is currently working on planning another paint day to complete the project. Until the painting is done the playground will remain closed as the concrete needs to stay as clean as possible.
Adult Recreation Classes:
The adult classes being offered through the Recreation Department are going very well. A lot of the registrants for the Aerobics class are asking to have the class again and more frequently, Chrissy Meeds will be working with the Instructor to see if the City will be able to provide additional classes.
Flag Football:
Flag Football is going strong, Staff would like to thank Levi Ross for all of his hard work on this program, the Recreation Department couldn’t have done it without him.
Possible New Programs:
Chrissy Meeds is working on offering a couple of new programs to the youth of the community and will keep everyone posted on the progress.


In addition to responding to 135 calls for service, a total of 35 officer reports were taken and there were 137 officer-initiated incidents, including 84 traffic stops. Officers made 12 misdemeanor and 8 felony arrests. Officers issued 27 citations, of which; 12 were misdemeanors,4 were parking and 11 were infractions during the period of June 9, 2022, through June 15, 2022.
Officers continue to participate in POST Portal Training and Lexipol Daily Training Bulletins. Other POST on-line training continues for Patrol and Dispatch personnel.
Chief’s Message:
Due to the temporary closure of Hwy 99E, the City is experiencing a large influx of traffic on South Avenue as well as Solano Street. The Police Department asks that you allow yourself more time in your travels, obey all traffic laws and be courteous to others on the roadway.

“Concentrate on counting your blessings and you’ll have little time to count anything else.”



Corning Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) Call Volume:

The Corning Volunteer Fire Department responded to 20 calls for service last week, they consisted of:  17 medicals, 2 fires, and 1 hazardous condition.

The Orland, Artois, Bayliss, Capay, and Glenn Codora Volunteer Fire Department Call Volumes:

The Orland, Artois, Bayliss, Capy, and Glenn Codora Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to a combined total of 28 calls for service last week, they consisted of:  7 medicals, 14 fires, 6 traffic collisions, and 1 public service.

Fire Chief’s Message:
Please be a responsible and good neighbor and keep your properties cleaned up. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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