Friday Notes July 16, 2021

Posted on July 14, 2021



DATE:   July 16, 2021



Development Impact and User Fee Study:

At the July 13th City Council meeting the City Council approved an agreement with RCS Consultants for a Development Impact and User Fee Study.

Council Support for a Moratorium on New Ag Wells in the Unincorporated County:

At the July 13th City Council meeting the City Council directed me to send a letter in support of a moratorium of new ag wells in the unincorporated County.  The letter was sent on July 15th.

City Managers and County Administrator Monthly Meeting:

Tehama County Chief Administrator, Bill Goodwin, Red Bluff City Manager, Rick Crabtree, and Tehama County Superintendent Rich DuVarney and I met to discuss County/City/School matters on July 15th.  This is the first time we met in person since the pandemic began.

Senate Bill 1383 Organics Implementation Meeting:

I met with Rachel Ross, Agency Manager, Tehama County Solid Waste Management Agency regarding implementation of SB 1383.  By January 2022, the City must pass an enforceable Ordinance that mandates certain organic waste generators and haulers comply with the requirements of SB 1383.  There are also labeling, municipal procurement of recovered organic waste products, and inspection requirements effective January 2022.  I would anticipate a lot of solid waste type presentations and agenda items in the next few years.

July 20th – July 23rd:

I will be distributing the ashes from my father-in-law on the Oregon coast with family July 20th-23rd; my acting will be Administrative Services Manager/City Lisa Linnet.




Code Enforcement Hearing:

A Code Enforcement Hearing was held on July 13, 2021.  A total of 7 cases were scheduled, 6 cases were heard, and 1 case had abated prior to the hearing.  All cases will be moving forward in the process.  It was a successful hearing.

Municipal Service Review (MSR):

The MSR is moving along with the Department Heads providing their information.


Food Truck Tuesday:

Staff continues to prepare for the first Food Truck Tuesday event to be held on August 3rd.  Please share the event dates with everyone you know.

Recreation Classes:

Summer Recreation is going along well.  We are getting a lot of positive feedback on the advertisement boards that are in the parks.



Part-Time Public Works Landscape and Maintenance Worker:

The Application submittal deadline has been extended until filled for the part-time Landscape and Maintenance Worker position.  Applications can be found on the City’s website.


Water Main/Service Repairs:

  • The valve on the water main at the intersection of Solano Street and El Paso Avenue has been installed.
  • The 8” water main within Solano Street at the intersection of Solano Street and Fripp Avenue ruptured on July 1st. Staff was able to make the repair that evening.
  • Staff is aware of the valve leak at the intersection of Marguerite Avenue and Solano Street and will be repairing it shortly.
  • A service line leak has been discovered at 1700 Palm Avenue, USA has been called in and Staff will make the repair once it has been cleared.




In addition to responding to 180 calls for service, a total of 20 officer reports were taken and there were 59 officer-initiated incidents, including 17 traffic stops.  Officers made 7 misdemeanor and 3 felony arrests.  Officers issued 8 citations, of which; 5 were misdemeanors, 2 were infractions, and I was unclassified during the period of July 7,2021 through July 14, 2021.


Officers continue to participate in POST Portal Training and Lexipol Daily Training Bulletins.  Other POST on-line training continues for Patrol and Dispatch Personnel.


“Two things you are in total control of in your life are your attitude and your effort.”



Corning Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) Call Volume:

The Corning Volunteer Fire Department responded to 14 calls for service last week, they consisted of:  8 medicals, 4 fires, 1 traffic collision, and 1 public service.

The Orland, Capay, Artois, Bayliss, Glenn Codora, Ord Bend, and Butte City Volunteer Fire Department Call Volumes:

The Orland, Capay, Artois, Bayliss, Glenn Codora, Ord Bend, and Butte City Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to a combined total of 17 calls for service last week, they consisted of:  5 medicals, 3 fires, 7 traffic collisions, and 2 public service.

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