Friday Notes for April 19, 2024

Posted on April 18, 2024


New Assistant Finance Director:

I would like to welcome Khrystie Shoemaker as the new Assistant Finance Director for the City of Corning.  Khrystie started on Sunday, April 14, 2024 with her first work day being Monday, April 15th.

Recreation Center and City Plaza Design:

We are expecting the Recreation Center and City Plaza Design to be completed with plans to be submitted to the Building Department by the end of the week.


  • Monday, April 15th:  Fiscal year 2024/25 budget meetings with department heads were held.  We will continue to work through the budget process.
  • Tuesday, April 16th:  A Joint meeting of the City Council and Planning Commission was held for a public hearing to discuss and accept comments on the Housing Element and housing needs in Corning.
  • Thursday, April 18th:  I am attending the Northern California Cities Self Insurance Fund (NCCSIF) Board of Directors and Risk Management Committee meetings in Rocklin.
  • Friday, April 19th:  I will meet with the Tehama County Grand Jury to answer any questions they may have regarding City Operations.


  • Friday, April 26th at 10:00am:  Children’s Flag Raising Memorial Ceremony will take place outside of City Hall.



Commission Vacancies:

The City’s Airport, Recreation, and Library Commissions each have one vacant position.  If interested, please complete an application at and submit it to City Clerk Lisa Linnet at  All three commissions meet quarterly on specified days the first week of the month in January, April, July, and October.



City Pool:

  • City Staff has cleaned and prepared the pools for the upcoming swim season with continuing general maintenance until the Environmental Health Inspection on April 23rd is completed.
  • Lifeguards have been chosen for the 2024 swim season and they are scheduled to attend training in the upcoming weekends.


  • Crew member James Pendergraft will be attending a Certified Pool Operator course in May. This course is needed to safely maintain the City Pool.
  • Crew member Domingo Rios is training to acquire a Grade 2 Water Distribution Certificate, this is required by the State to provide clean drinking water to City residents.
  • Crew members Brett White and Jeremy Mosher will be attending training in the upcoming months to maintain their Grade 2 Water Distribution Certificates.


City Staff has removed dead trees and stumps from in front of the Immaculate Conception Church on Solano St, others will be stump ground.


  • The crew has been fixing numerous sprinklers that were destroyed by vandalism.
  • Staff have also been trimming tree branches for safety.


The crew have been cleaning out meter boxes in preparation to install new electronic touch read meters in the upcoming year.


City staff have repaired a collapsed sewer line located on Fig Lane.

Olive View and West Street Schools Connectivity Project:

Builder Solutions, Inc. continues to work on the Olive View and West Street School Projects.  The Contractor is trying to limit their impact on those who are dropping off and picking up students.  The Notice of Completion for the Olive View Project will be presented to the City Council on April 23rd.  The West Street Project is anticipated to be completed by early May, depending on the weather.



May 7th Tuesday Night Market:

The next Tuesday Night Market will be held on Tuesday, May 7th from 5pm to 8pm.  Entry forms are available at

Jr. Cardette Performance:

The Jr. Cardette team will be performing at the Drill Team Dance Show at Corning Union High School on April 23rd at 7:00 PM

Corning Jr. Giants:

Corning Jr. Giants is open for registration and so is our CO-ED Flag Football, you can register at:

“Free Swim” Day Sponsorship:

Would you or your business like to sponsor a Free swim day for the 2024 Pool Season?  Sign up here:



April 16th City Council/Planning Commission Meeting:

The Planning Commission approved 4 Use Permits at the Tuesday night meeting held on April 16, 2024, they were:

  • Use Permit 2024-322 – A use permit to allow for beer and wine to be served at Johnny Boys Taqueria;
  • Use Permit 2024-323 – A use permit to allow T-Mobile to build an unmanned telecommunications facility at Clark Park;
  • Use Permit 2024-324- A use permit to establish a Massage Parlor and Spa within the Heritage Square Center; and
  • Use Permit 2024-325- A use permit to allow L & T Towing to install a 10-foot-high electrified fence.




In addition to responding to 141 calls for service, there were 76 officer-initiated incidents, including 16 traffic stops, and a total of 17 officer reports taken.  Officers made 3 felony arrests, 2 misdemeanor arrests, issued 2 misdemeanor citations, and 2 infractions during the period of April 11, 2024 through April 17, 2024.


During the period of April 11, 2024 through April 17, 2024, our Dispatch Center received 247 inbound calls for service.  In addition, they responded to 36 incoming 911 calls.  All calls were answered within 10 seconds of their ring time.


Officers continue to participate in POST Portal Training and Lexipol Daily Training Bulletins.  Other POST online training continues for Patrol and Dispatch personnel.


We are currently recruiting for one Lateral Police Officer and Police Officers.  Get your applications in now!  Visit for more information.

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself.  Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.— Unknown



Corning Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) Call Volume:

The Corning Volunteer Fire Department responded to 22 calls for service last week, they were:  19 medicals, 1 hazardous condition, and 2 public service.

Chiefs Message:

Please help keep Corning nice, be a good neighbor and keep your properties clean and weed free!!!

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