Friday Notes December 3, 2021

Posted on December 2, 2021




DATE:   December 3, 2021


  • December 10th:  Employee Christmas Luncheon 12pm to 1:30pm.
  • December 24th & 27th (Friday and Monday) Christmas



Time Clock System Implementation:

The new time clock system is being rolled out as we speak.  Department Heads were trained on the new Time Clock system on December 2nd.  All staff will be trained thereafter.  We anticipate this will provide greater payroll accuracy, greater accuracy of time spent by funding source, and streamline the payroll process and scheduling.


Meeting with Shasta College:

I met with Andrew Fields of Shasta College about increasing access to Shasta College and any potential for a campus in Corning.  At this time Shasta College is not looking to expand to Corning.  He understands the transportation challenges for Corning youth who do not have access to a vehicle.  At this time there is also no effort to provide bus service to the Shasta College main campus or to the Tehama Campus in Red Bluff.  Mr. Fields is interested in increasing access through online options in combination with learning hubs.  We explored where those learning hubs could be located without a large investment in infrastructure.  We also discussed increased marketing and the importance of a visual presence in Corning.


Proposition 47 Cohort 2 Restore Program Meeting:

I facilitated a meeting with the District Attorney on December 2nd to increase the number of clients and attendance in the Restore Program.



December 2nd:  I attended a Northern California Cities’ Self Insurance Fund Executive Committee.

December 8th:  I will be attending a Groundwater Commission.

December 9th:  I will also be attending a Sac Valley City Manager’s meeting.



Community Events/Street Impact:

The Corning Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the annual Hometown Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 4th beginning at Corning City Hall at 6:00pm.  The procession will go west bound on Solano Street to Houghton Avenue.  Solano Street closure will begin at approximately 5:00pm to prepare for the parade and will re-open once the parade has finished.


City Surplus Equipment:

The 1996 444G John Deere Wheel Loader that Council approved to surplus and sell will be up for auction on December 11th at


Leaf Pick Up:

Leaf pickup will continue as time allows.  Leaf piles must not have branches, brush or other debris or they will not be removed.  Please make sure leaves are not blocking gutters preventing water flow.


Vandalism of City Properties:

Multiple City Parks have been vandalized with graffiti, including the Skate Park, Soccer Park, Woodson Park and Northside Park.  Staff has diligently tried to keep up with the cleanup of the graffiti.


Message Signs:

Per the direction of the City Council, Staff has been gathering information on portable and permanent message boards.  Once all information is obtained Staff will be bringing this item to Council for direction.


Public Works Crew:

Christmas banners and lights have been hung up along Solano Street.  The tree lights have been hung in anticipation of the tree lighting after the parade.  Thank you to the crew for their decorating and the Fire Department for the use of the ladder truck to assist with the tree lights.


Water Usage Outside City Limits:

In November, we have provided 19,075 gallons of water to County residents that have dry wells.  This amount has slowly been declining since September.  Currently the City has 33 County residents, that are located within 5 miles of City Hall, that are approved to purchase City Water.  We have only had one new resident sign up since September.  Of these 33 County residents, only 10 purchased water in November.  The average customer is purchasing 1,908 gallons of water per month.  We are currently not providing water to the Paskenta Water District as their water source is still providing adequate water.


Voluntary Water Conservation Program:

We still have not received enough rain to significantly impact the water table and many of our neighbors are still without water.  Please continue to do your part in conserving water.




Planning Presentation:

Christina Meeds is in the process of preparing an end of the year and a looking forward to 2022 Planning presentation.  Hoping to have it ready in January or February.



Prop 68 Per Capita Grant:

All documents have been submitted for the noncompetitive Prop 68 Per Capita Grant in the amount of $177,952.


Children’s Park (Edith Ave.) Playground Equipment:

Christina Meeds is currently working with Play Craft and Kompan to obtain quotes for new playground equipment for Children’s Park.


Northside Park Pickleball Court RFP:

Staff will be preparing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the incoming pickleball courts at Northside Park.


Holiday Dance Classes:

Corning Recreation is having a very successful Holiday Class Session, Holiday Dance classes are completely full, recitals are scheduled for December 22nd.


Winter Session will begin in mid-January.  We plan to bring art back, a new cheerleading class is being created, and Staff is planning to create a Flag Football League which is in the very beginning stages.




In addition to responding to 133 calls for service, a total of 19 officer reports were taken and there were 91 officer-initiated incidents, including 31 traffic stops.  Officers made 6 misdemeanor and 1 felony arrests.  Officers issued 14 citations, of which; 8 were misdemeanors, 2 were parking, and 4 were infractions during the period of November 24, 2021 through December 1, 2021.



Officers continue to participate in POST Portal training and Lexipol Daily Training Bulletins.  Other POST on-line training continues for Patrol and Dispatch personnel.


“Magic is believing in yourself.  If you can make that happen, you can make anything happen”



Corning Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD) Call Volume:

The Corning Volunteer Fire Department responded to 14 calls for service last week, they consisted of:  10 medicals, 1 fire, 2 public service, and 1 investigation.


The Orland, Capay, Artois, Bayliss, Glenn Codora, Ord Bend, and Butte City Volunteer Fire Department Call Volumes:

The Orland, Capay, Artois, Bayliss, Glenn Codora, Ord Bend, and Butte City Volunteer Fire Department were dispatched to a combined total of 20 calls for service last week, they consisted of:  14 medicals, 1 fire, 3 traffic collisions, 1 public service, 1 investigation.


Chief’s Note:  Enjoy the Holiday Season and please be safe.

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