Corning, California
Corning, California
Corning, California Corning, California Corning, California Corning, California Corning, California
Corning, California Corning, California

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Corning, California
Corning, California   Corning, California
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Economic Development in the City of Corning includes those programs which are intended to cause economic growth for the City of Corning and the surrounding area. As a small City, Corning can not easily provide an Economic Development Manager, therefore, the responsibility rests with the City Manager, and with four local agencies with which the City interacts.

THE CORNING CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Corning Chamber of Commerce is the best known of these agencies, and it's stated purpose is to foster business growth in the City by promoting business, and by encouraging quality development and residential growth. The Chamber coordinates many community activities designed to bring visitors to Corning.
TEHAMA LOCAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION TEHAMA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is a private, non-profit corporation responsible for the retention and recruitment of business and industry to the County. TehamaEDC recruits and assists prospective developers by providing site information and building requirements, and often "holds the hand" of the new business owner. The TehamaEDC Executive Director acts as a County-wide team leader bringing the City and County staffs and local business representatives together as a team to quickly respond to development inquiries.

TehamaEDCís record of business recruitment and retention has been outstanding - their Annual Report reflects their success. A study was conducted in July, 1995 of twenty-four companies which received either TehamaEDC support in relocating to Tehama County, or assistance resulting in their retention in the County. Out of a total of 2,824 jobs attributed to TehamaEDC, 424 of the jobs were held by Corning residents (zip code 96021). In other words: fifteen percent (15%) of the jobs went to Corning residents! At the (then) new and partially staffed Wal-mart Distribution Center, 9% of the jobs went to Corning residents. These percentages are important, because the population of Corning only represents twelve percent (12%) of the total County population! Therefore, Corning has received its fair share of the jobs created by TehamaEDC.
3CORE is a private, non-profit corporation that works in the Tri-County region to partner with small businesses to meet their business goals.  At 3CORE we act as a financial “go-between” for small businesses and the financial capital they need. Unlike traditional financial institutions, our team surrounds financing with mentoring and perspective to best serve our clients. Our mission is to cultivate healthy business because people matter.

Three Core Services.

Financing. Our goal is to help businesses obtain reasonable capital that will help a business grow in a healthy direction and be manageable for them to repay at an affordable cost and in a practical amount of time.

Mentoring. No one is merely an account number at 3CORE because we believe that people matter and we get to know each business. We recognize that most small business owners don’t come with a fancy business pedigree, so we offer both formal and informal mentoring services that offer tools and strategies best suited to a business owner’s need.

Perspective. Ultimately, what we offer is a unique vantage point. We are not an institutional lender and we are not a fellow small business owner. We have a neutral, not-for-profit business that allows us to offer counsel without undo concern for our own personal or corporate gain.

A Global Crisis. We are in the midst of a credit crisis: the need for more accessible capital and institutions willing to lend.

Banks should have plenty to lend given the federal bailout. In light of declining business sales, squeezed profit margins, and collapsing collateral values, lending is at a virtual standstill.

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